Friday, April 25, 2014

Mind Your Own

To all the fundamentalists, republicans, democrats, conservatives, liberals and everyone else who's opinions are quotations. Fuck off.

That's right. Pretty much if you identify yourself as part of any political or philosophical group other than people who think before they form opinions, fuck you.

There are lots of reasons for this, but the really really big one is that freedom isn't conditional or limited. If you think people should have the right to own guns but not to marry anyone they want, you're a human piece of shit.

If you support marriage equality but you think only the government can be trusted with guns, then you're a witless sheep, and I have even less respect for you.

People say the world isn't black and white, that things are more "complicated" than that. No they're not dammit. You people make shit complicated because you're either mean or stupid; usually both.

You know what my political ideology is? It's mind your own fucking business. If you don't like how someone else lives their life, DON'T TALK TO THEM! Just shut up and keep your own counsel. My rights end where yours begin, and vice versa. Drunk driving, littering, and shooting people are crimes. Getting drunk and high, destroying your own house, or even shooting yourself, shouldn't be. No one has a right to protect you from yourself, you get to do ANYTHING YOU WANT as long as it does not directly prevent anyone else from doing anything they want. You want to build a house without a permit, do the wiring wrong and blow yourself up in your sleep? Fine, but you're liable for damage to your neighbour's property. Until your actions are immediately harmful to someone who isn't you, what you do is your problem.

That's my philosophy. It's also the ONLY philosophy, EVER that it's okay to force on other people. That's right, I'm forcing you to do whatever you decide to do, and if you try to force me to do something, I will fuck you up. Sound fair? Good.

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