Monday, December 30, 2013

Who Broke Religion?

So, almost all religions are couched in some kind of mythology, stories about founding sages and ancient leaders to explain the origin of their beliefs. Invariably these characters are attributed spectacular magical powers.

Moses turned water into blood, Christ turned it into wine. Solomon built a palace in one night. The Buddha could talk to animals. Taliesin brought trees to life and Merlin turned a prince into a hawk. Tiresias could see the future and Heracles stopped a charging bull by hand.

Why don't these things still happen? Again, invariably these powers are derived from some form of spiritual purity, enlightenment and/or closeness to the gods.

As a practitioner of your religion of choice, if you can't do these things, either your religion is founded on lies, or you are less worthy than they were. It's that simple.

I can. Perhaps I'm not as strong as Heracles, and I can't turn people into pigs like Circe, but I see the future, call the rain, and I once turned water into wine. No joke, I have a witness.

So if you are a devout follower of your religion, and neither you nor anyone around you is doing these things, you're doing something wrong. What are you missing? Is it your fault, or did something get lost in translation between the ancients and what people are teaching you?

I can't answer this one, but it's certainly food for thought.


  1. LOL, I can turn water into wine, too, but it would take a couple years.