Saturday, January 11, 2014

I Win Political Correctness

It's time to organize a protest march, write letters to the editor or something like that.

What am I protesting?

Well, I just won political correctness. I find complaining about being offended offensive. Every time someone bitches about public displays of affection, a woman nursing in public, or any other stupid shit that people are complaining about right now, I die a little inside.

They shouldn't be allowed to complain about this stuff. That's right, I find your offense offensive. You can't tell me to be politically correct without yourself being politically incorrect.

I win.

Update 1/12/14:

It just occurred to me that some people feel in order for something to politically incorrect, it has to offend a group of people.

So what group of people am I a part of which is offended by your taking offense at stupid shit?

Intelligent people.

Yes, intelligent people are offended by the fact that you find a woman breastfeeding to be offensive. You are an anti-intelligence bigot, and you must be stopped.

That is all.

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