Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mind Your Own Business

So we are all aware of this social pattern, but I've been realizing how pointless it is.

It starts with someone having an opinion. Some shmuck doesn't like what someone else is doing, or wearing, or saying, or thinking. Person A has an opinion about Person B. Let's call them Frank and Bob.

So let's say Bob is gay.

Frank doesn't like the fact that Bob is gay, Bob is not hurting Frank by being gay, Bob is not hurting anyone. In fact, Bob being gay has no appreciable effect on anyone who isn't attracted to Bob, least of all Frank. Frank still doesn't like it, and he says so.

This makes Bob feel bad. Bob doesn't just feel bad, he feels awful. He doubts himself, his identity, his worth as a person. He even tries to change who he is, just because Frank doesn't like him.

Bob and Frank are both morons. That's right, both of them.

Frank has a strong opinion about something which is none of his business and does not effect him in anyway, and tries to do something about it for no intelligent reason whatsoever. Frank clearly has some serious problems with prioritizing, and no life of his own, if he has time to criticize Bob, or even notice for that matter.

Bob has similar problems with setting priorities, if he spends more than five minutes thinking about someone as shallow and boring as Frank.

Frank, get a life. Bob, don't give Frank your life.

Now, before we think this is JUST about gay rights, it's not. This patterns happens in just about every aspect of life. If you care what someone else is wearing, or if you care what someone thinks of what you're wearing, you're just as bad as the above example. This goes double for religion, and it's true in politics, and just about everything else.

Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one, and no one wants to see yours.

If you're not the self absorbed prick who can't keep his mouth shut and mind his own business about people who aren't doing anything to him... Then you know who he is. Tell him to go soak his head, and move on with your life. Give me one intelligent reason why you give a flying rat's ass about someone like that.

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