Sunday, December 22, 2013

Winter Solstice Prayer

Dark be night and cool be air,
Gathered round be friends who care.
Solstice moon hangs in the sky,
Be of good cheer and all know why.
Though hard the path and full of strife,
In darkest night there be new life.
Waxing high the dark folk's power,
But light's reborn upon this hour.
From dark folk who be here,
To all who now are gathered near,
May light thee guide,
the dark protect and hide.
Be safe my friends and ever well,
This is my spell,
For you who are so dear to me,
So it is so shall it be.

UPDATE 12/22/13:

I wrote this poem extemporaneously (in one continuous stream of consciousness without going back to edit anything) last night, at midnight on the Winter Solstice. I posted it almost immediately after it was finished.

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