Tuesday, December 31, 2013


So the latest comment to this blog is from some pushy obnoxious Christian blogger quoting scripture at me. It's not even relevant to the topic to which he was responding. In fact, it's not even anti-pagan propaganda, which at least would make sense.

It's just Bible spam.

Why do people have to be like this?

I appreciate your concern for my soul, but honestly, it's the largest religion in the world; so prevalent in fact that in the US, the most culturally diverse nation in the world, it is socially acceptable to just assume that any given person is Christian, because more than half of them are.

Do you REALLY think it's even remotely possible you're saying anything I haven't heard? At 24 years old, if it was at all possible for a person to say a thing which could convince me to explore that particular religion, I'd have heard it by now. Promise.

Enough is enough.

P.S. It's a fallacy to assume I don't want to go to Hell. I know people there, it'll be fine.

P.P.S. Seriously considering visiting his blog and dropping a logic bomb on a few of his posts. Any opinions?

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